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Uma Launcher

Software that enhances the Uma Musume (DMM Version) experience.

View usage statistics. View the code on GitHub. Check the changelog.


Ensure you have Uma Musume: Pretty Derby installed and working via DMM Game Player. GameTora has a helpful guide on how to do that.
Download Uma Launcher, place it somewhere on your computer and run it.
Right-click the horseshoe icon in the system tray to change the settings or close Uma Launcher.

While optional, CarrotJuicer (Not developed by me. GitHub) allows Uma Launcher to extract information from the network packets the game sends/receives. This information is necessary to determine the current status of the game, and needed for most of the features of Uma Launcher to work. CarrotJuicer is against the game's Terms of Service, so use it at your own risk.
Extract CarrotJuicer's 'version.dll' out of 'Umamusume.7z' and into the game's installation folder.

Find the changelog over on GitHub.

Need help? Check the Frequently Asked Questions or join the Discord server if you need more help or have feedback.

Usage with Trainers' Legend G / English patch

If you want to use all features of Uma Launcher together with Trainers' Legend G (or Noccu's English translation project), follow the instructions on the GitHub page.

An example of the training rich presence during training.

Better Discord rich presence

  • Shows which home screen you're on.
  • Shows training and concert details extracted from the game's packets. (CarrotJuicer required)
  • (Still work-in-progress.)

An example of the automatic training event helper scrolling to a training event.

Automatic GameTora training event helper

(CarrotJuicer required)

  • Automatically start a browser window with the current trained character and support cards.
  • Automatically selects and scrolls to event choices when needed.
  • Displays a useful table of the current training facilities' details.
    • Customize the table's rows and settings to your liking.
  • Supports Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Customize the training event helper table

Create, edit and switch to your own preset table layouts.

Display Grand Live tokens.

Display Grand Masters fragments.

A training screen translated with Carotene.

Experimental feature

Carotene English Patch

  • Uma Launcher comes with Carotene English Patch built-in.
  • Automatically apply the latest translation updates when they release, before the game starts.
  • Enable by right-clicking the tray icon → Preferences.
  • Not everything has been translated yet, and I'm looking for contributors. More info here.

Experimental feature

Automatic VPN connection

  • Automatically connect/disconnect from a (free) VPN server during the DMM login phase, or throughout the entire session.
  • OpenVPN Community and SoftEther: Using a free VPN from VPN Gate that is validated to work for the DMM login phase as well as during gameplay.
  • NordVPN: Connects to Japan automatically for the DMM login phase. (May not always work during gameplay.)
    Get up to 3 free months of NordVPN free and support me by getting a subscription using my referral link.

An image showing the different settings in the tray icon.

Quality-of-life features

  • Various options to enable/disable during gameplay by right-clicking the horse shoe icon in the system tray/taskbar:
    • Locking and remembering the game window position for portrait and landscape mode separately.
      • This also includes the automatic training event helper.
  • Automatically resizing the game to the largest possible size on your screen.
  • Take screenshots.

An example of a training run CSV, imported into Excel.
(Only a subset of columns is shown.)

Inspect your training runs

(CarrotJuicer required)

  • With the 'Track trainings' setting enabled, your training runs will be saved as a gzip file in the 'training_logs' folder. This folder will be automatically created next to the exe.
  • Use the 'Export Training CSV' option in the tray icon menu to export the training logs to a CSV file.
  • CSVs can be generated without launching the exe by dragging and dropping logs from the training_logs folder onto the exe.
  • CSV format documentation


Uma Launcher is in no way associated with Uma Musume, Cygames Inc., DMM or DMM Games/EXNOA LLC. It is the developer's belief that this tool is harmless to the above companies and brands and merely acts as a tool to improve the user experience.