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English Patch for Umamusume: Pretty Derby (DMM version) game

Visit the GitHub repos: Patcher GUI - Translations - Mod DLL

View the Translation Credits.


Carotene is an English patch project the for Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (DMM Version) game.
This project is based around these main goals:

  • Speed and ease of use. (One-click patch/unpatch)
  • Public, community-driven and free forever!
  • As little jank in the game UI as possible.
  • No copyrighted material in the public patch.
  • No machine translation.

Example screenshots

Awakening screen
Home - Story screen
Home screen
Training screen

An example of a translated comic.

Sprite replacement

Carotene can replace textures / sprites in the game for text that is stored as images.
Examples are the buttons during training and comics.
(Comics provided by not_sinus and Nemupyoi.)

Translated skill names + descriptions

Translated skill names + descriptions

Translated missions

Translated missions

Skills and Missions

Skill names, descriptions and missions are translated.
Thanks to GameTora for giving permission to use their translations!

Screenshot of Carotene Patcher, the GUI for the patch.

Screenshot of Carotene Patcher, the GUI for the patch.

Simple user interface

One of the main goals of this project is to make the patch as easy to use as possible.
Carotene Patcher provides a simple one-click patch/unpatch interface.
It also has a built-in updater, so you will always have the latest version of the patch.

Example of context-based translations. (Positions)

Custom text patcher mod

Carotene expands on Trainers' Legend G/Localify's text patching feature
to give more freedom as well as to allow for custom style tags.
For this project, I want to avoid simple "find-and-replace" translations as much as possible
and have found a way to access the game's internal text ID system,
which gives me much more freedom as well as avoiding saving any Japanese text
in any of the repositories. Having control over certain text rendering functions in the game
opens up the possibility of extra processing of the text based on context.
Take ~着 for example for finishing positions.
In English you'd need ~st ~nd ~rd and ~th depending on the number,
which would be impossible in places where the number gets substituted into the text
during gameplay. Carotene is able to make ordinal numbers work correctly, among other things.
(See image, just ignore the supporter points lacking plural :))


Download the latest version of Carotene Patcher below.
Run it from any location while your game is closed, click the Patch button and wait for it to finish. You can then start the game like normal.
Click the Unpatch button to undo the patch (when the game is closed.)
When the game itself has had an update, you must run the patcher again. It will tell you the game is only partially patched, so click Reapply.

⚠️This patch mods the game and is against its Terms of Service. Use at your own risk!⚠️
No users have currently been banned for using any translation mod, but I will not be responsible for any loss of accounts.

⚠️ Carotene is currently work in progress and many things are not yet translated, and there are some display issues!
I am looking to receive feedback! Please share your thoughts, be it positive or negative in my Discord Server.
No translation is "final" and if different terminology is preferred, I will implement it. Consistency across the community is something I want to focus on.
I'm also looking for volunteer contributors, especially those with photoshop skills who would be interested in helping with text sprite cleaning/replacement!
See the Contributing section below for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update Carotene?

Carotene Patcher has an auto-updater built in. When you start it, it will check for updates and prompt you to download the latest version automatically if there is one available.
If there is an update for the translation, it will be displayed in the patcher and you can update from there.

Does Carotene work with Uma Launcher?

Yes. Uma Launcher comes with Carotene built-in. No need to download it separately.
Go to Preferences via the tray icon and enable Carotene in the "English Patch" tab.

Does Carotene work with Trainers' Legend G?

Yes. Make sure TLG is correctly installed and working before applying a patch.
Carotene Patcher will automatically detect TLG and adjust TLG's config.json as needed.
Currently, all of TLG's text/asset replacement features will be disabled in the config file to avoid unwanted effects.
All other settings will stay the same. When you unpatch with Carotene Patcher, the old config.json will be restored.


At the moment, the patch mainly consists of general UI translations, character profiles, as well as some buttons during Training.

Translation credits can be found in this Google Sheets document.

I'm still working out how I would want a workflow with other contributors to work, including proper credit for your creative work, but for now here are the three repositories that make up the patch.
If you want to contribute, be sure to let me know in my Discord Server, and contributions should be made via pull requests on GitHub.
I have created a system to translate text and upload it to the repository without actually uploading any of the Japanese source text.
Before you can translate, "intermediary" files are created on your machine which do include the Japanese text, taken straight from your local game files.
That text is removed again when you make the actual translation files. Those will be shared on the repository.
I will go more in depth into my vision for this project and how to exactly make translations at a later time.

GitHub Repositories

Special Thanks

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this project!

As well as the creators and contributors of UmaTL, Trainer's Legend G and Localify, whose open source projects have laid the groundwork for this project.


Carotene English Patch is in no way associated with Uma Musume, Cygames Inc., DMM or DMM Games/EXNOA LLC. It is the developers' belief that this tool is harmless to the above companies and brands and merely acts as a tool to improve the user experience for users who speak English. It must be noted that this patch is against the Terms of Service of the game. Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for any loss of accounts.